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Case study #1 e #2 

Direction João Fiadeiro

Assisted by Cláudia Dias, Tiago Guedes, Márcia Lança

Guest artist Arnold Haberl aka NOID (sound)

Participants Ana Martins (Portugal), Andrea Brandão (Portugal), (Portugal), Cecília Bengolae (Argentina/france), David Wampach (France), Florent Delval (France), Juliana Adur (Brazil), Kayako Takahashi (Japan), Lenaig Le Touze (France), Lucie Eidenbenz (Switzerland), Michiel Reynaert (Belgium), Virginie Thomas (France), Vivien Holm (Germany)

Support: Embassy of Austria in Portugal

Production RE.AL

Thanks: Ar.Co


Film and editing by Marcelo Costa and Maria Jorge Martins

Image and Sound: Maria Mire, Victor Jorge, Francisca Paula, Nuno Godinho, Olga Belchior.


Case Study - Research Project corresponds to a period of research intended to isolate a particular case in order to analyse it and work on its possibilities. Case Study # 1 dealt with creative matter in its raw state, even before utterance, before it gets repeated or reproduced. How does it work? Where does such matter originate from? How can we create the conditions so that it may appear unwillingly? How may we preserve its power and becoming? These were some of the questions we proposed to work with.

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