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Graduated in architecture in 2004. In 2006 participates at the workshop of documentary directing directed by Ateliers Varan in Lisbon, produced by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. From then on, he works in cinema as a director in his own films and in different roles on others projects (camera, sound, editing, etc.). In 2009, he integrated the team of Les Ateliers Varan in Paris and in 2010/2011 studied in the Master of Creative Documentary at Pompeu Fabra University.  He’s a partner of the production company TERRATREME and member of the group of independent filmmakers Golpe Colectivo. Directed the films: Guided Tour (2009 - Audience Award at Indielisboa), The Gift From Afar (2008 - part of the collection "So close, so far" distributed by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian), Ground Glass I and II (2007 - Award of International Microfilms Festival of Lisbon), Show Room (2007), Quinta da Curraleira (2006 Primeiro Olhar Award for best film in Encontros de Cinema e Video de Viana do Castelo). Is now shooting the documentary "Industrial Revolution" (working title) co-directed with Frederico Lobo.

Born in Portugal, 1980. Currently lives in between Lisbon and Paris. Works as choreographer and performer. Began to show ability to comedy at the age of five, imitating public figures, typical characters, singers and voices of animals. Between 1989 to 1991 he lived on the island of Madeira where he began his studies of music (mandolin, acoustic guitar, electric and voice). Throughout the school years he participated in amateur theater shows, ballets and concerts. In 1998 he moved to Lisbon where he obtained the degree in Economics at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. In 2001 he participated in his first dance workshop and debuting, that year, as a performer with the choreographer Miguel Pereira at Teatro Nacional D. Maria II. In 2003 he was invited by João Fiadeiro to develop his first choreographical sketches in LAB10. Later, he was co-author and performer with Claudio da Silva and Martim Pedroso of "Weekend" (2006). He created two solos "What can be shown can not be said" (2007) and “Self-portrait as a dance” (2007). In collaboration with Hermann Heisig conceived and interpreted "Pongo Land" (2008) and “What comes up, must go up” (2009) this last one also with Irina Muller on the context of European ›looping‹ project. In collaboration with Márcia Lança premiered “Trompe le Monde” in Culturgest, Lisbon (2011). He presented his work in Portugal, France, Germany, Switzerland and Netherlands. He worked with many artists emphasizing his experience as a performer with Miguel Pereira and his encounter with Meg Stuart. In his professional training standed out The Choreographic Course of Creation and Research in Forum Dança and the ex.e.r.ce program in the Centre Choreographic National de Montpellier, under the direction of Mathilde Monnier and Xavier Le Roy, where he received a scholarship of Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. He is part of the network Sweet&Tender Collaborations, a group of 60 artists from around the world. Currently he was teaching in ESTAL (Superior School for Tecnologie and Arts of Lisbon) doing a piece for the students of the last semester of the degree in Performing Arts. He’s preparing a quartet in collaboration with Pieter Ampe, Guilherme Garrido and Hermann Heisig that will premiere on the 19 May 2012 in Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels.

Choreographic artist, performer, teacher and choreographer. He starts his formation in several disciplines of dance at the Eulàlia Blasi School of Barcelona in 1996, in the same period he obtained a State Degree in figure skating. He heads to Austria to study at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) in 1999 and continues his journey in Belgium in the Performing Arts Research and Training Studios (PARTS) in 2000-01. He returned to Barcelona and continues studying at the Conservatory of Dance - Institut del Teatre, which in 2004 issued a Bachelor in contemporary dance. Completes his training at the Centre Chorégraphique National (CCN) of Montpellier where he joined ex.erce in 2005. His choreographic work begins with projects Mentrestant (2003), Cuerpo Seco Sed and Dones Colombianes (2004). As part of his training at ex.erce he leads a project with Márcia Lança titled association de deux personnes, and in the same period he developed his personal project Pendule (2005-06) in collaboration with the videomaker and visual arts artist Stéphane Despax. As part of a meeting of young artists in TanzQuartier Wien, he created the duo Andro-gyne (2007). He moved to Strasbourg and created a solo entitled Irrlich (2009) which gives him a free hand as a guest artist in the Theatre Pôle Sud of Strasbourg, where he developed a workshop in research and choreography. After that he moved to Paris, and created the project Galop (2010-11) with Stéphane Despax. Currently he co-signs the creation of O Desejo Ignorante (2011) with Márcia Lança, shown in the Festival Temps d'Images Portugal and currently on tour. Since 1996 he develops his activity as a choreographic artist, dancer and performer in several shows and projects with various choreographers such as Montse Colomer, Ramon Oller, Maria Rovira and Eva Bertomeu, but also with French and European as Mathilde Monnier, Jennifer Lacey, Nadia Lauro, David McVicar, Denis Sayers, Rita Cioffi and Louis Ziegler, among others. Nowadays he lives in Paris and works with David Wampach, Catherine Dreyfus, David Rolland, Louis Ziegler and The Opera House of Paris.
Born in 1976, Portugal. Visual artist and independent researcher develops work in the area of drawing, performance, installation and art intervention. Her work explores the notion of 'process', seeking to test the limits of definition and realisation of the work. She graduated in Industrial Design (FA-UTL) and attended the Advance Studies in Visual Arts at Ar.Co (Center for Art and Visual Communication) in Lisbon. Her training in performing arts has been made in workshops in Portugal and abroad. Underlines the classes with Sofia Neuparth, the "Case Study" research with João Fiadeiro danceWeb Europe scholarship 07 (VIE) with Jonathan Burrows & Adrian Heathfield, Martin Spangberg (among others) with the support by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Beholds the Portuguese nomination to prize União Latina Jovem Criação em Artes Plásticas, 2007. Como intérprete participa em Drifting, António Pedro Lopes and Gustavo Círiaco, Trio Multiplicado, T.Guedes, Sexy MF, A.Borralho e J.Galante, Monster, Carlota Lagido and for visual artist Pedro Cabrita Reis and fashion designer Lara Torres as a performer.
Participated in festivals, collective and individual exhibitions in Portugal, Estónia and Vienna, namelly: the Reheat Festival (VIE), “Pôr-a-par”, Espaço Avenida, “Decrescente Fértil”, Plataforma Revólver, “Young Creators 06”, “Anteciparte 09” (PT); and solo exhibitions: “Colecção de nomes e de coisas”, Plataforma Revólver Project (PT), "Construction" in the frame EXD09 (PT) and "another World", Kunstraum n5, (VIE). In collaboration: “O desenhador público” for “Future Projects”, Mews Projects, Contemporary Art Fair Lisbon and “Possible Portrait and Triangular Concert”, Appleton Square, (PT) in the frame EXD11. With MESA, presents "A horizontal plan, upon four feet", Turim Theatre - Maria Matos Theatre, 2011 (PT). Currently lives and works in Lisbon.
Portuguese, born in 1982. Ana Rita Teodoro made the Master in Dance and Performance, a partnership between the CNDC Angers (direction Emmanuelle Huynh) and Paris8 University (2011/2013) where she developed the project "Delirious Anatomy". In 2002 she did the Choreographic Creation—Dance Research by Forum Dance and the Course of Choreography by Fundação Gulbenkian in 2005. She joins c.e.m. where she works with Sofia Neuparth and begins to study the body via the disciplines of anatomy, palaeontology, and philosophy. Since 2005 Ana Rita develops a teaching projects in dance with different communities - children, pregnant women, old, etc. In 2007, an interest in Japanese artist Tatsumi Hijikata leads her to make several workshops and researches around the Butoh, between France, Germany and Japan – Min Tanaka, Akira Kasai, Sankai Juko, Patrick de Vos, Christine Greiner, etc. In 2007/2010 makes the Qi Gong Instructor Course by the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Lisbon. Since 2009 Ana Rita Teodoro created solo choreographies - MelTe (2009), Curve (2010), Orifice Paradise (2012), Intestinal Dream (2013). As a dancer she worked with Sofia Neuparth and Laurent Pichaud.